E​(​ART​)​H prod. Silent Jay

from by Spek Won

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We over feed the rich but we deny the poor
What you living for why you lying for
Why you crying for they say that every penny worth living for
There's a dollar worth dying for
I live by the sword and won't die
Until I receive my reward that's my driving force
Heaven gotta chill 'til I see a mil
And if you think i'm dead wrong for saying that
Fuck it i'm a corpse
You have no right to judge me
Everything i say is the result of all that I've endured
I've watched my father decompose from diabetes
Slowly until he died then immediately my mind matured
The journey to success many differences between mine and yours
I walked you got to drive a ford
I've had to kick mine off the hinges since i was born
Motherfucker all of yours were automatic sliding doors
Brief history '82 to '99 gun town Rexdale that was my survival course
I got away with the crime that you got pinched for
'Cause everything i analyze are all the things your eyes ignored
They wanna know who wrote that underground classic Preemo Donna Do some digging and you'll find the source
And if you dig a little more
Your shovel might strike the teeth of this emcee dinosaur
Married to hip hop but I fuck with RnB
And Reggae on the side and she deals with it so why divorce
She likes the size of my microphone
Plus she understands that for the love of music i'm a whore
And from this day forward i have sworn
That one of the several goal i will strive towards
After the rhythm is molded and the rhymes recorded
Each ceremony walk away with minimum five awards
And if i fail imma try again
And then i'll try a third and then i'll try a forth
And then i'll try a fifth and then i'll try some more
And even if i die i'll come back like spinal cord

i said even if i die i'll come back like spinal cord


yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo....


from SOFA KING AMAZING, track released April 12, 2015
WRITERS = Spek Won



all rights reserved


Spek Won Toronto, Ontario

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