PA​$​$​PORTS & CAMERAS ft. (Leisha Cameron, Dey, Boko Maru) prod. Lordquest

from by Spek Won

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It starts with a dream a scheme to get the dollars and creme
From walking the streets to cruising in Impala's with screens
The object to be the hardest and the strongest emcee
Is a problem indeed ain't easy as you thought it would be
Who wanna be free from poverty who's starving to eat
Just follow my lead I'll take you there like Salahuddin
I promise to be responsible for all of my seeds
The daughter i feed she gotta get a college degree
Along with my son I'll teach them both that knowledge is key
The song isn't done until we pay homage to G's
That's gone and deceased it's sort of like the falling of leaves
Y'all know about the drama we've seen who expected this
Rexdale rose amongst a garden of weeds
To rise higher than a forest of trees
Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim the wall in between
Y'all and succeeding ain't as tall as it seems you nah mean.


Take off in YYZ
Transfer in LHR
Fly over Hollywood
And land in Charles De Gaulle
Two fingers on my pulse
I'm okay
Good morning, good morning


The struggle and pain the work until your muscles get drained
While governments waits to snatch a fat chunk of your pay
The money you make divided into hundreds of ways
Get sucked and get drained but stand firm busters complain
And whats even crazy is while you're out there hustling days
Up in your gates some other brother is fucking your lady
It fucks with your brain now you can't even function the same
Your stuck with the shame and got no one and nothing to blame
I come from a place where shottas and the hustlers where raised Pumping that base gun at the waste hunger to taste
So come with the pay you might provoke the busting of grains
Duck or get slain quick fast cut to the chase
I love when it rains it only means that sunnier days
Will come to replace the darkness is just but a faze
And just when you're saying you've had about enough of the praying Allah reaches out and touches your face, Amen


Take off in YYZ
Transfer in LHR
Fly over Hollywood
And land in Charles De Gaulle
Two fingers on my pulse
I'm okay
Good morning good morning


from SOFA KING AMAZING, track released April 12, 2015
WRITERS = Spek Won, Leisha Cameron, Dey, Boko Maru
PRODUCTION = Lordquest



all rights reserved


Spek Won Toronto, Ontario

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