REXDALIEN (ft. Dey, Quentin Vercetty) prod. Clairmont The Second)

from by Spek Won

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Project shootings drug body viewings
Old kings died and grew wings and became
Project angels watching over the new king
My garden angel probably pulled a few strings
To get me to live passed 25 when alive
Daddy was a dead beat and to these street
Young black boys are red meat
blue bloods are the true thugs treat us like an episode of true blood
Thirsty going hard on brothers
got me feeling like God don't love us
Are you out there?
'cause I'm out here
You know the man dem are out here still eh fame


I you do me a favour then tell me that I don't owe you right back
You'll hold it over my head yeah I know you'd like that
There's certain mans I can't vibe with
Share split are get high with I don't know you like that
How yup mean I wifed up the queen
of RnB in my city cuz I'm royal like that
And if she ain't fuckin' with you nigga I ain't fuckin' with you
I'm a Rexdale soldier so I'm loyal like that
And loyalty is hard to come by these days
My bredrins don't even come by these ways
Got me feeling like a hypocrite
Among so called hipsters who don't give a shit
About black lives but still benefit
From black culture that's white privilege
Y'all swear to God that y'all love us
But are you out there?
'cause I'm out here
Is you really really out there?
'cause I'm out here
You know the mandem are out here still eh fame


Still here fame yes I'm out here fame
Life it gets complicated some times the dream starts to fade
But I gotta work towards it, deal with the game and the bullshit
But everyday I do this, and everyday I choose this
Yes I really really dig this shit
Yes I really do I really do
Naaaa naa
Naaaa naa
Sacrifices must be made but the bills still must be paid
Yes they must be paid
Is anybody out there, yeah is anybody out there
Is anybody

[POEM] Quentin Vercetty

On a cold train of thought listening to Coltrane plots
He rides the blur line back to the block
Keeping six
Making sure doesn't get caught slipping
He feels the chain sitting
In is chest
As he rides the rocket from north west
From fairest creatures we desire increase
Cold blooded lion hearted
Check the scale or check the skill
And try to way loyalty
Which over shadows Darwin theory
having the mastery of survival instincts
He know tactics like call of duty
But after running missions he arrives daily, safely
Back to his strip
Where you feel at hem at
Is more important than where you come from
And loyalty is like a gun that nuff manned die 'cause they ain't got none!
So he grips his closely
And no matter how far he goes
He ain't afriad to let it be known
So pour some liqs
light some kush
Let that salt in your wounds devolve and let the scales cover your scars
'cause when the world outside of your block gets hard
Just remember what you are at heart
You're a Rexdalien
……you're a Rexdalien


from SOFA KING AMAZING, track released April 12, 2015
WRITERS = Spek Won, Shi Wisdom, Dey
PRODUCTION = Clairmont The Second



all rights reserved


Spek Won Toronto, Ontario

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